15 PAX including two FNGs assembled on time at North Cary Park (more on that later).

Warm up in parking lot (SSH, IW, GM, SFAC, WM) just in case we had any latecomers. The PAX were instructed to partner up for the rest of the workout.

Off to explore the woods on a jog down to the top of the forest staircase where YHC came out yesterday for a little recon and was forced to do a little trail repair of an erosion guard to prevent injuries (always thinking about the health and wellbeing of the Pax).

Partner 1 – run down steps, 5 burpees, back to the top; Partner 2 – Dips AMRAP (Flapjack)

Partner 1 – Repeato, Partner 2 – LBCs AMRAP (Flapjack)

Jog back up and cross the bridge to the edge of the meadow.

Partner 1 – Lap around the meadow; Partner 2 – Merkins AMRAP (Flapjack)

Partner 1 – Repeato; Partner 2 – Lunge walk across the bridge and part of the way back. (Flapjack)

Jog back up to the playground where we were joined by Callahan who was 24 minutes late. At least he wasn’t scheduled to Q this time.

Partner 1 – Ascend the slope of the small slide, 5 burpees at the top, run around to bottom of the big slide, ascend the slope climb over the rail and run back; Partner 2 American Hammers (with a Russian twist) (Flapjack)

Partner 1 – Repeato; Partner 2 Big Boy Sit Ups (Flapjack)

5 minutes AMRAP Irkins/Derkins

Ended with 2 penalty burpees for Callahan’s tardiness

16 PAX ended the workout at 6:29 AM, followed by COT, which ended at 6:36 AM.