Launch day of the latest Cary work out “Phoenix”!!! Pretty exciting stuff and I am honored to be apart of it. I think I can say that F3 has been and is a positive force in all of our lives. It’s a good feeling to be able and give back a small part of what we get from it. Also no more excuses for not posting on Saturdays!

I believe I called out all the guys who did EC. If I missed you shout it out in the comments.

The Warm Up:

  • SSH x 30 IC
  • GM x 15 IC
  • WM x 10 IC
  • IW x 15 IC
  • MC x 25 IC

The Thang:

Follow the Main Loop from the Burt Center to High House and back to the BC. At every light post stop and do 8 of the called exercise. Alternate at every post. I believe there are 26 posts total.

Round #1

  • Merican’s & Squats

Round #2

  • CDD’s & Alternating Jump Lunges

There were to be 2 more rounds of this and then I could call this “The Hateful 8” Get it? 8 exercises at 8 reps each. Yeah. That didn’t happen. With the TOC preparations for an Easter Egg Hunt I wanted to make sure we could get to other items on the agenda and then come back to the other two rounds if there was time. Alas there was not.

Run down to the Kiosk for

Dora 123 – Partner up. Partner 1 runs up the hill and turns around at the post. Partner 2 does said exercise then flapjack once Partner 1 returns.

  • Crab Cakes x 100
  • Plank Jacks x 200
  • Mountain Climber’s x 300

Run over to the open field. According to Google Maps this stretch is approximately 100m. Line up for…

  • 100m Dash x 4

Franklin was given the honor of setting the pax loose every round. However in the last 2 rounds he earned the MVP award for throwing some interference in the way of the world’s fastest pax aka Largemouth. Dude still caught up though, wth!?

Partner back up for Partner Indian Run back to the BC.


  • LBC’s x 30 IC
  • American Hammers x 25 IC
  • Scuba Buddha x 10 IC

That’s all folks.

Strava Flyby Link


Announcements –

Prayer Concerns –


Denali lead us in prayer


A few mixed emotions about the start of Phoenix. I had planned on doing my time at Pullen for a year and half or so and if a Saturday option hadn’t opened up in Cary by then I would try and get the ball rolling. However that stint only lasted maybe 5 months so it sorta feels like dad gave me the keys to the beamer and I wrecked it the first night out. Saying farewell to Saturday Pullen is a bummer but it’s opened up the opportunity to have a full 6-pack¬†workout in Cary and we had a great turn out. Long live Phoenix and as always an honor to lead. See you in the gloom.

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