PAX of 13 for Eastbound and Down’s Monday morning wake up call.  YHC was called upon after a weekend injury to the projected Q-I-C, Swingline.  I’ve seen a picture, it was grotesque, and we are all wishing for his speedy recovery.  YHC suggests calling Western Stranger.  I thought I heard that he might have said, members of F3Nation, get a discount..

Little jog to warm-up plus some standard stuff to satisfy Pantyhose and away we went.

The Thang: ladder of fun starting at the park entrance.  Ladder up, back again and repeat, repeat, repeat and repeat again with additional exercises and distance added each ladder climb.  Exercises other than running included burpees, dips, jump squats, jump lunges and mountain climbers.

The Thang Part II: partner up.  Partner one runs from parking lot to road and back again while partner two performs amrap core exercise.  Repeat until and finish with Mary.

Big day tomorrow… Chippy celebrates one year of fun.  Be there to celebrate with him at Lourdes.

Please keep Swingline in your prayers, he did some serious looking damage to his finger and we hope he recovers quickly.

Additionally, please keep Hash Brown’s mother in your thoughts.  She has cancer and needs our prayers.

Always a pleasure to serve.