Congratulations to a large portion of the South Wake F3 regulars who completed a marathon in Wrightsville Beach over the weekend. They all earned the right to fartsack, and in their honor, we held a run based workout. This may not have been a marathon, but believe me, the 6 men who showed up were all smoked at the end.

Warm Up Conducted by McRib:

  • Jog to bottom circle under the street lights
  • SSH x 30 (Rapido on last 10!)
  • Hillbillies x 15
  • Imperial Walkers x 25
  • Various Yoga Type Stretches (inspired by Kid Cracker)
  •  Merkins x 10 IC

The Thang: 5K QuadKiller

  •  Sprint to Hill next to main road
  • 1 lap equals – backpeddle up hill and run down 5 times, then run down side of front soccer field, run around ¾ of the track and circle back around to other side of front soccer field then back to the same hill. Run at your own pace. This is around 0.4-ish miles.
  • Pax did anywhere from 4-6 laps, and while waiting for the last 2 to return, we ran some standard suicides on the soccer field. Some of us may have gotten a little competitive on this part.
  • Last lap was done as a group indian run.
  • One last All you Got sprint across soccer field to the fence.

Moleskin: My GPS showed 3.17 miles from beginning of workout to the end. Nice 5K to start the day off! T-claps to Bernie for powering through with a questionable knee and to McRib for setting the pace. It pays to be a winner! We went a little over on time so we had to come together for a quicker than normal COT.