YHC felt the heat building in the air and knew it would soon be time to shed the now so familiar winter coat worn on the face for 5 or 6 months of the year.  No better time to stage the removal than for a UJ Q.  YHC emerged from the removal area the night previous with a gentle yet furry upper lip, somewhat Thomas Magnum’ish, to the annual shun of his M but got a midnight approval from a 2.0 looking for a re-tuck.  The next morning with said caterpillar in place, YHC emerged from the diesel whip to 65 degree gloom and quite the crowd awaiting the to be determined work.  With what would be determined to be 36 pax, YHC made the check for fng’s gave his typical disclaimer, decided which way to go and we were off.

The Thang:

Jog around the back to the lot in front of Target for a COP; GM x 15, SSH x 20, IW’s x 15, Standard Mericans x 15, continue the jog around to Six Forks.

Cross frogger style where YHC spotted a shiny new parking deck, still on the jog and having determined said deck was yet to be violated by the F3 brethren, it was on.  Enter from Dartmouth & jog to the top of the deck, YHC thinks that # was 7 but we entered on 2nd level.  Once at the top, divide into two groups, first group down the stairs and back, group 2 stays for work at the top then switches.  The work changed and some work was done at the bottom by the traveling crew at one point, we made a total of 4 trips down and back, Yoda even missed the top by 4 floors on one loop, he didn’t make that mistake again.

Down the steps back out at #2 and this time we would wait at the light to cross Six Forks.  Back to our starting point we ran a round of peoples chair 5 count through the pax, then back with a 3 count arms out, 36 pax makes for a long wall sit.

One last COP with 6 inches for a 5 count through, Done!

As this was almost a week ago YHC has forgotten many of the details like who took us out and what the prayer requests for the day were.

The Skin:

Great work, 36 is borderline too big for one workout, but fun none the less.

YHC was directed by his M that the sweeper would need to be removed before he left the house again.  Family says YHC doesn’t look like himself, Jeff is the stash led alter ego.  Looking in the mirror YHC could have definitely been pegged for driving a conversion van and not being welcomed around schools and ice cream shops.

Thanks to all for following “Jeff” this am, great time had by all as best YHC could tell.

CW out!