Shovel flag planted for PAX of 15 in the North Hills parking lot. YHC doesn’t get to this site as much due to some early morning 2.0 duties, but it’s Spring Break so there’s no better time to step up and Q. This AO is now 3.5 years old now, YHC and Fazio planted the flag. We had the park and rock pile in the back lot, waited to use “the hill” due to darkness. Eventually it was used while carrying rocks one time and so Sisyphus was labeled. That original rock pile would be hauled off in a couple of months when a project was done so Sisyphus became the new feature, T-claps to Gnobby (Who’s that? See F3 historian Larry David) for finding the massive rock collection under the bridge. An early example that what we’re looking for sometimes is closer by than you think.

The Thang:

Jog to back lot and circle up

Mountain Climbers x 20, Plank Jacks x 20, Merkins x 20, Good mornings x 10

Merkin Beast on Sisyphus : 6 stations, 6 stops 6 reps (Merkins, Wide Grips, Carolina Dry Docks, Spiderman Merkins, Hand-Release Merkins, Diamond)

AMRAP reps as all finished each trip (Squats, 6″ Leg Hold, Knee Ups, Jumping Lunges, Low Plank Hold, Burpees)

Sprint to front lot

COT with prayer by Elsinore

Q.O.D. : “I don’t like work–no man does–but I like what is in the work–the chance to find yourself. Your own reality–for yourself not for others–what no other man can ever know. They can only see the mere show, and never can tell what it really means.”
Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness    

Naked Moleskin:

-Was missing one of the PAX, thank you Dingo for remembering Solo. #cobains Know the set lacked ab work, total body miss…my bad. Was great seeing the likes of Nemo (how’s Zoiks?), Hi Life (ran up front), Swirly (abnormally quiet) and Jorts (pushed it hard). They all post regularly, just haven’t crossed paths lately. Isn’t it great to see Rain Man posting all the time, his first workout was North Hills….remember it like yesterday. He likes things to be creative, today might have disappointed him a touch.

-The quote shared this morning reminded me of the logic behind the structure of F3 (noticed Conrad was referenced at Gideon today too, interesting). Working out in the early morning has health benefits beyond exercise, but it’s at time of day we are otherwise not missed. Exercising in the dark shows we do this not to be seen, but for ourselves first and then the others who make the same choice. We all have our reasons for posting, they aren’t always the same ones we tell people about though…

-Prayers were unspoken, Dingo may have had one but he was a bit dazed in the end. RB issued a concern regarding the angry Q potential, fair enough….tried to use a nice tone where necessary. Man I love RB, hard to believe I met him almost 4 years ago….feels like 10. T-claps to Enron, putting in some solid pre-runs into the mix of late. When he has a goal he is laser focused, if you’re training for something big and want sound advice he’s your guy.

-Minnie posted this morning, seeing his car made me smile. He walked and talked the “iron sharpens iron” life well before he knew what F3 was, those who are fortunate to spend time with him are well aware of the blessing it is to have him in their life. YHC met him shortly after moving to Raleigh which was highly impactful to me and in turn F3 Raleigh. He brought a bunch of FNGs quickly and because of who he is validated the program. So for those who don’t know him, say hello and add in a thank you. He’s one of the reasons you might be involved.

Haven House workout is tomorrow at 5:15, 600 West Cabarrus. The Arena is every Friday now, take advantage this Good Friday.


See you in the gloom!