If you want to make it to the “Dance” you have to have some basketball skills, good coaching, strong teamwork, and a little bit of luck.  Nine men came out to The Crick on Saturday, March 19th to sharpen their skills.  The Pax get an “A” for effort.  However, based on our performance, I think we are looking at the NIT Tournament.


Run the sidewalk … stop at the steps to bear crawl up the steps / down the steps. Run around the planters. Stop by the bus loop for Side Shuffle Hops and Windmills.  Run to the upper parking lot.  

Circle up for warm-up exercises in the parking lot:

  • Windmills, Merkins, Planks Jacks, Sir Fozio Arm Circles, Imperial Walkers

First Event: 7’s on the Steps

  • Run down the steps … perform one Bobby Hurley (squat, slap the ground, jump shot)
  • Run to the steps by the corner – run up the steps. Perform six Merkins.
  • Run to the next steps — “picket fence” around the columns …. Continue the loop.
  • Ventura provided the history of the “picket fence” move — used in the movie Hoosiers by the high school team, Hickory, to help win the state championship.

Second Event: Team Up … size does not matter.

  • First guy – People’s chair …. Second guy, with the basketball, dribbles the big loop.
  • Each guy gets an opportunity to run AND dribble.
  • Round two – Balls to the Wall while your partner dribbles the basketball around the loop.

Third Event: Count off by Four — Relay Race – Around the big loop

  • Position one guy from each team at a corner. Dribble to the corner, ball between your legs, jump shot to your team mate.
  • Repeat until each guy has run from each corner.

Fourth Event: Indian Run.

  • From the parking lot, up the steps by the playground, run through the basketball court, run around the track, to the sports field.

Fifth Event: Agility Drills – Quick change of direction.

  • Cones are set up in a zig zap fashion.
    • First Drill – Must run from cone to cone … quick acceleration … down the field
    • Second Drill – Full court press defense – Alternate running forward and backward to each cone
    • Third Drill – Run down the field       … run forward one direction / run backwards on the way back
    • Fourth Drill – Bear Crawl around the cones to a 20 count, then get up and run for a 20 count, then back down for bear crawls …. repeat 2x.
    • When each guy finishes the drill, perform a squat hold

Sixth Event: Move to the basketball court

    • Made shot – five Merkins
    • Missed shot – five Burpees
    • Missed shot, but hit the rim, three Burpees
    • After everyone has an opportunity to shoot, Nickelback led us in a basketball defensive drill.  Circle up … get in a defensive position … move to our right … increasing speed. Stop, move to our left.

 Mary – Dealer’s Choice

  • Box cutters
  • Homer to Marge – alternating leg lifted off the ground
  • LBCs
  • Freddie Mercury
  • Slow Flutter
  • Poke the Hole



  • Working on transportation plans for the Mud Run
  • Rock Steady inviting the F3 Men to the MinuteMan Muster … 5K Run/Walk, 8K Run/Walk on Saturday, May 21, 2016.  Benefiting the NC National Guard Educational Foundation, Operation Enduring Warrior, and the NC National Guard Museum.


  • Ventura’s sister – Cancer has returned.  Please keep Joanne and her family in your prayers
  • Three Doors Down – Uncle Pete is still undergoing testing for his tumor.