When My Boy Blue send out the call for Q’s, you answer.  You answer, even if you’re completely out of shape.  You answer, even if you’ve never attended a workout at his AO.  You answer, even if you don’t have a workout planned, and don’t anticipate a change in that circumstance.  You answer, even if you think Fungo will be there.  You answer.

A balmy 35 and overcast for the first day of spring here in Raleigh, North Carolina.  Fields are soaked, and I’m damn tired of getting an earful from the F3Raleigh “Parks Liaison,” so we’re keeping it on impermeable surfaces this AM.

Warm Up:

  • Lap around the park (nice trash dump, really adds to the experience.  also, passed by the tree where Cadre Ben napped and dreamed of how to best make the men of #604 earn their Velcro.)
  • SSH x20
  • Good morning x20
  • Imperial walkers x20

Wait a minute.  There’s a 100yd. sandpit here.  Uhhhh, yeah.  We’re gonna go in there.

The thang:

  • Sandpit suicide sprints x2
  • 20 ‘Mericans OYO x2
  • Sandpit suicide sprints x2
  • Bear Crawl suicide
  • 20 ‘Mericans OYO x2
  • Sandpit sprint x2 (it’s weird, YHC thought Pepe was present this AM, but couldn’t see him when crossing the line at the end of the sandpit sprints. guess he was wayyyy out in front.  #mystery)

Mosey to concrete “stadium seating” for tee ball field

  • Set of 11s
    • WWII sit ups
    • LeBron’s to top of “stadium”
    • Burpees

Mosey back to trash dump — Partner carries rest of the way home.


  • WWII sit-ups x20
  • Freddie Mercury’s x20
  • Heels to Heaven x20



  • Thoughts and prayers to family of 9 year old recovering from brain surgery.
  • Arena is this Friday.  Workouts are routinely attended by 9+ men who live at the AO, and are often conducted with one of them at the helm.  #momentum
  • Keep an eye out for brother Orwell.  Better yet, offer him a ride to the workout–the power of the EH is strong, brothers.
  • Countrywide ably lead us through a meditation on the meaning of this week, and the claim it makes on our lives.

For those..ahem..unfamiliar with Zero Hour, this is a hell of an AO, with nearly limitless opportunities to grind men to a pulp.  I apologize for the impromptu Q this AM–you all deserve better.  It will be worse next time, guaranteed #JoeWillie.