I figured this would be small crown today b/c of the Marathon, and w/ St
Paddys day the night before, 6 Men braved the Gloom.
I will admit – the QIC was a bit sluggish getting out of the fartsack
b/c of indulgence of a few libations last night to celebrate leprechauns.
But in Honor of those who are doing the Marathon – this Q was dedicated
to them…..
Friday is Leg Day!
Warm up jog to the far parking lot.
25 SSH increasing in speed on the 5s
10 Imperial Walkers
10 Hillbilly’s
10 Good mornings
The Thang
The jog found 6 cinder blocks there waiting for us.
Part 1:
a Modified Dora….Split into teams of 2.
100 pushups, 200 Mountain Climbers
1 partner – Double Arm Cinder block carry to the end of the parking lot.
other partner pushups.
Once you reach 100,
over head Cinderblock carry to the end of the parking lot
Other partner Mountain Climbers.
Part 2: Sprint and recover.
On the line – sprint to the end of the parking lot, slow recover jog
around back to the start.
Rinse & Repeat x4
Part 3.
Sally Squats….Squats to the Moby Song Flowers…3:21…extra credit to
Darby & Watson doing it w/ the blocks.
Part 4.
Jog back to the picnic tables.
Circus Line – Follow the leader up and over the tables for 3 laps.
Exaggerated low slow flutter x20
Box Cutters x15
LBC x50
Ukranian Hammer x10
One more that I just totally blanked on.
Ended up w/ a round robin plank – 10 seconds count per man.
Prayer Requests out for the Marathon Runners this week.  My daughter
competing today, a good Friend of Bernie struggling to overcome some
personal issues..
Thanks to Imp for taking us out.
Great work Men!
It was a pleasure to lead this Q today.