Bond Park; 7 am, 14 pax (including 4 for EC Run), little less humid, slight breeze, but 78 degrees.

No FNG’s, No Disclaimer, No Shovel Flag

Bag with cones, tunes, and cards.   We are off.

Warm Up:

  • Circle Up, Count off
  • Jog over to the nice burmuda grass behind the Senior Center
  • Re-Circle Up
  • 14 burbees OYO, IC 20 SSHs, IW, Mummy Kicks with arms (aka the Dumb A$$), Merkins
  • 4 groups for small group Indian run to the shelter near the creek


  • 20 Irkins, 20 dips, 15 Irkins, 15 dips, 10 Irkins, 10 dips
  • jog pas baseball field #1 (cricket game forming) to baseball field #2’s freshly cut outfield grass….beautiful.
  • Circle up for short version deck of cards
  • Burbees, Merkins, LBC’s and plank jacks….hit about 12 rounds…then I heard Tecumsah say Jack Webbs
  • Cards over.   Jack Webb:  Merkins and 4 x arms in the air
  • random plank a Rama at various points on the field
  • Death Star:  Dealer Choice in the middle, 4 groups, bear crawl out to the cones, jog back, burbees, plank jacks, sumu sqauts, Merkins at the cones.
  • Line up at the edge of the infield.   Butt kickers to the fence jog back, high knees, karaoke both ways
  • Fellowship pace through the woods to the base of the dam.  Picked up Wilson (green hope student) who stayed with us till the Billy Run
  • Run up the in dam, 5 Merkins,  plank at the bottom, run up top again, 5 Merkins, plank a Rama at the bottom
  • run back to the the road and then Billy Run to the Parking Lot
  • American Hammer called by Earheart x 20


Pergo took us out.

Pleasure to lead you guys.