Today I did something i have wanted to do for a long time. I finally started a new F3 Site. I am thankful for everyone that has set the example before me in starting their groups, and now it is my turn. It is my turn to make a difference, to TRY and set the example.

Today marked the first of hopefully many more workouts at Vance Elementary Park.

The morning started with a light jog and Indian Run. We followed this with some speed ladder and agility cone work. After a brief circle warmup we got right to it.

Carrying sandbags we walked 20 yards, dropped the sandbags, sprinted back and performed a pyramid of pushups starting from 1-10, and then 10-1.

After that we teamed up in two groups for a sandbag shuttle run.

Then did a few overhead presses and curls with the sandbags before dropping them for good.

A short lesson in self defense, world war II’s and light stretching closed out the morning.

COT: I challenge everyone reading this to spend 30 minutes with your children, without your phone or computer or tablet or tv. Really connect with them. If this is something you are already doing, awesome. We must set the example for our kids to follow.

Prayer requests for Banana Seat, and all the unspoken prayers out there. I look forward to seeing more out in the gloom next monday.

Rangers Lead The Way!