It’s that time of year again boys and girls. F3 Raleigh turns 5 years old this year. That means it’s time for a celebration.

The Mule has been an F3 tradition for years, with that tradition marking our 4th anniversary last year. This year to celebrate the Big 5, we’re going back to our roots. The Mule 2017 will launch from Pullen Park.

When: 03/04/2017, Launch @0600

Where: Pullen Park

This year’s edition will launch at 6am and aim to end by 9am. For those who don’t know, The Mule is an extended workout, moving between multiple AOs, with site Qs leading a short workout at their site. We will be covering AOs throughout the downtown Raleigh area. Mileage will be about 8-9 miles.

As was the case last year, support vehicles will be utilized to bring along water and pick up folks as needed. If you are not able to run the full distance between AOs, you are still encouraged to ride in support vehicles and participate as much as possible. Each workout will be 10-12 minutes.

ALSO: Azul is working up a 5th Anniversary shirt, which will be available for purchase regardless of whether you can participate in The Mule or not. There will be a pre-order through Mud Gear, and the cut off will likely be early February. So once the link is live, you’ll need to jump on it.

Please sign-up so we know how many PAX to expect. Let’s make this a memorable and fitting celebration of F3 Raleigh.–miGPCPoFcwpghw/edit?usp=sharing