**Coming to you live from a sloppy Fletcher Field where a few solid hours of rain turn the best draining soccer/utility field in Raleigh into a soup of recreational sports dreams.

**Rolled into town to find Dieter as senior F3 Man present.  Then Au Pair.  Then Fava?  The names and faces change but Fletcher is the eternal constant.  Many years from now youngsters–or perhaps my children last Saturday–will ask do cats really live there?  Yes.  For a few dollars extra they’ll pose in the wedding shots on the porch.

**No pre-run.  Blue Crush was absent.  Tied up in a Costas for Cash deal at the Profile.  Somewhere in the darkness, Red Card limbers up the Achilles.

The Thang:

Opening Bid:  Run from launch, down to Yard Art, back by the shady park bench, up the baby hamburger hill, across the rec field, up Hamburger Hill (at a slant), 10 burpees.  Get it.  Run down Hamburger Hill (at a slant) into just below the White Shoe Pavilion.  Long time listeners know that’s where he recruited the Alabama secondary, Class of 2023.  Chong was sleeping there after book club.  We didn’t wake him up. Up the hill to the sidewalk and across to the grass.  10 burpees.  Down the hill, through the woods, to House of Cats.  Around to high table.  10 burpees.  Down the paved path to McGruber Alley up to that neighborhood that doesn’t have a name.  10 burpees on the street. Back to high table.  10 burpees.

Jack Webbs with Chong Go Ruck Modifier.  1 Merican; 5 shoulder raises…2 Mericans; 10 shoulder raises…10 Mericans 50 shoulder raises.

Down to base of Hamburger Hill–variations on a theme of Hamburger Hill suicides.  Epoxy’s cones set up in quarters.  First set–straight run.  10 Vee ups.  Second set–bear crawl with Merican.  10 Vee ups + 10 World War Crabs.  Third set–bear craw with Merican; …+ 10 Diamond Cutters.  Fourth set–bounding;  …+ 10 AO Crunches; Fifth set–bounding; …+ American Hammers; Sixth set–running; …+ 10 burpees.

Return to launch site: Harry Callahans.  1 Sumo Squats + 5 Monkey Humpers… 2 Sumo Squats + 10 Monkey Humpers…up to 10 Sumo Squats + 50 Monkey Humpers.

Have a nice day.



+The World War Crabs are brought to you by Cut me Mick and dedicated to Will Cobb Maize.

+We organized an impromptu “Fork in the Road” Five K to honor King David who was having issues from Mick’s Kettlebell and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance Workout at Fight Club.

+Muni Bond’s wife is up for a teaching gig.  Get after it.

+Y’all come do the Triple with me tomorrow at the Judge.  Au Pair has the Q.  We know it will be loquacious.

+We prayed to the almighty to get us right.

That is all.