Tomorrow’s competition at The Judge is designed to be suitable for kids of all ages and fitness levels.  Put on a watch (you’ll see why), and grab an invisible partner.  This one is an as-far-as-you-can-go in 20 minutes event.  Then turn around and make your way back to home base.


On my go, 10 burpees.  Run out of parking lot and head to the fork in the path near the ellipse.

At the fork in the path:  20 merkins, 20 squats, 20 two-count freddies (Blue Crush special)

Run towards the rings of fire.  At the second ring, 20 merk/20 squat/20 freddies

Stay on the path and veer right-ish down and then up the half-pipe to the water fountain at the top.  20 merk/20 squat/20 freddies

Down the hill towards the 440 bridge.  There are two bridges at the bottom of the hill.  10 burpees at each bridge.

Up the hill until you get to the 440 bridge.  When you get there, 20 merk/20 squat/20 freddies,

Run across the bridge.  At the other side, 20 merk/20 squat/20 freddies.

If you have time (i won’t…..), down Copperhead and 20 merk/20 squat/20 freddies.  If you STILL have time, burpees OYO until 20 minutes has passed.

Wherever you may find yourself after 20 minutes, turn around and hit the same exercise stations on the way back.  In theory, we all make it back close to the same time with a couple of minutes to spare for Mary.

Whomever gets back first, Mary will be LBC x 25 then flutters x 25, rinse and repeat until time is called.