This workout produced the 1st (and only) merlot spillage that I’ve seen at F3. Wonder if that poor FNG ever made it back… Either way, I tried to duplicate it with a couple small tweaks. I must give credit where credit is due. You can thank Chippendale for this beastie upchuck monster (In more ways than 1, no names given…) With 1 FNG the disclaimer was given and away we went.

Warm Up:
– 10 SLOW Inchworm Merkins OYO
– SSH x 20
– Good Mornings x 20
– Windmills x 20
– Sir Fazio Arm Circles
– x 20 Forward
– x 20 Reverse

Mosey to the bottom entrance way.
2 sets of 11’s at the same time.
– At the bottom entrance way perform 10 merkins for the 1st Set.
– Run to the Midway Wall and perform 1 Box jump for the 1st Set.
– Run up the walkway to Wingate Dr. and perform 10 WWII Situps for the 2nd set.
– Run back to the Midway Wall and perform 1 Dip for the 2nd set.
– Run back to the bottom entrance and continue the set of 11’s until completed.

After about 30 mins I believe the leaders were on the 3/8 count for 11’s. T-Claps to Weezy, Huh?, Vector Victor, and Western Stranger for winning the day.

Circle up in the tennis courts for COT
LBC’s x 20
Low Slow Flutter x 20
Homer to Marge x 20
A couple Hamstring and back stretches
“Have a nice day” x about 30 seconds.

– No announcements that I can remember (sorry if I forgot any)
– Continued Prayers for Spin Class’s family.
– Prayers for Chinese Downhill out of F3 Cary.

Always an honor to lead. I appreciate the opportunity. It’s amazing to see the power of F3 when someone is really hurting. F3 truly does breed and reveal leaders.