We had some slow movers show up at Chavis Park Saturday. It looked like the party at Peach Pit’s house had some PAX struggling. They fought through and this is what we did.

Warm up

Mosey up to the baseball field

Warm- up

20x – SSH, Good mornings, Wind mill – 3×20 Merkins in between

Partner up – moving foul pole to foul pole. Bear crawl half way and jog remainder x2, Run backeards run back x2. Stationary partner does LBC AMRAP and prisoner squats AMRAP

The whole group went and got a rock.

Pit stop at the tennis courts 4X suicide sprints with Balls to the wall and peoples chair for the non-running partner.

Move up to the football field – Jack Webb –  Merkins and Overhead press with the rock

Leave your rock and run down to pavilion by green way 20X dip,irkin, derkin, lr step up, fudd to LM

Back to the football field. 4X full 50 yard gassers and 1 half gasser. Stationary partner does rock jacks, squat to press, bent over row.

One last gasser as a group

Peoples chair on the way back 10 count down the line


WW2 X20, DC x20


Arena every Friday 220 at HT

Prayer requests

Battery had a friend who had left HT, Orwell’s family, others spoken and unspoken

Great work on a hot day. Proud of everyone. T-claps to Orwell for bringing the HT PAX. I know they are very appreciative of our time.

CW, Orwell and myself went to Morning Times after and we ran into a HT PAX (parachute) who had left their program. We chatted with him and he made reference to how much Orwell reminded him of some octopus named Oswald. I had no idea what he was talking about but CW found the picture below. Enjoy

Pleasure to lead. #yeahyoda