14 PAX were eager to get back out and post the day after Christmas and overindulge in running and Merkins. Great work.

The Thang:

Warmup: SSH (35x), Mountain Climbers (20x), Standard Merkins (20x).

Run and stop at lake.

Irkins (10x), Dips (10x), Irkins (10x), Dips (10x).

Run backwards up steep hill, Burpees at the top (5, 4…), Bear Crawl down.

Run and stop at handicap rail. Australian Pullups (10x), Dips (10x), Australian Pullups (5x), Dips (10x).

Run to field.

Sprint, Standard Merkins (10x), Sprint, Standard Merkins (10x).

Run to benches. Left, Right Step Ups (20x), Derkins (10x), Left, Right Step Ups (20x), Derkins (10x).

Quick feet (20x).

Sprint back to cars.

Mary: WW II situps (20x). Fungo bonus minute: LBCs (30x).

COT/Prayers/Coffeeteria. Special thanks to the folks at Cup a Joe for opening early for us.