It was one of those mornings that brings the collective sanity of F3 Nation into question, but as we always say, “it could’ve been worse”.  As the rain fell upon the hallowed ground of Williams Park, a PAX of 8 brave/stupid men assembled for a Monday beatdown.  The initial plan had been for an encore of the infamous power ballad workout complete with upgraded sound system (Thanks, Santa!).  Captain Kangaroo even broke out the Reo Speedwagon concert tee in honor of the event, but alas the weather was not going to cooperate with sensitive electronic equipment (save Wilson’s pacemaker).  So we improvised and here’s what went down (bonus points if you get the picture reference, sound off in comments):

The Thang


SSH X 25

Good Mornings X 15

Mountain Climbers X 25

Imperial Walkers X 25

Fazio Arm Circles X 10 Reverse X 10

Standard Merkins X 15

One lap around soccer field

The Beast

10 reps of a given exercise per 8 stations across parking lot

Exercise 1 – Standard Merkin

Exercise 2 – Star Jump

Exercise 3 – Carolina Dry Dock

Exercise 4 – Prisoner Squat

Exercise 5 – LBC (Liquid Back Cold)

One lap around soccer field

Anyone for Tennis?

Group 1 – BTTW

Group 2 – Bear crawl across both courts and back


Group 1 – People’s Chair

Group 2 – Mass confusion ensued, but there was some combination of Gorilla Walk, Crab Walk and running.


Pass a the perfectly dry picnic shelter to return to parking lot for Mary

LBC’s X 25

Heels to Heaven X 15

10 Burpees OYO



New Year’s Day convergence: 7:00 AM Fletcher Park

No Late Night or Wolf Run this Friday (Juggernaut and Flood Zone are business as usual)

The Forum: 12:00 on Fridays (now permanently at Panera Six Forks/Strickland)

Man Ram took us out.