7 brave PAX ignored the rain and started the last week of 2014 in style.  It was wet and getting wetter so YHC gave the PAX the option of coffee and a fictitious back blast.  While many were interested, there were ultimately no takers so we exercised for the next 45 minutes.


Warm up jog to the upper parking lot.  SSH x 20, Good Mornings x 20, IW x 15 and Windmill x 20.

Jog to paved area just outside the tennis courts.  5 cones placed in a large square with one cone in the middle.  Partner up.  10 SSH at center cone, bear crawl to outer cones.  Stations were 10 burpees, 20 star jumps, 30 merkins, 40 prisoner squats.  Bear crawl back to the center cone between sets and crank out 10 SSH.

Jog down wet hill to shelter:  Chong Li Special: Derkin, dip. alt L/R step up, irkin.  x 12 each then x 10 each.  Jog all the way around the park and repeat the cone drill thing and the Chong Li set.  Then jog again and do them one more time.  A few random planks for Munson along the way.

2 minutes of Mary:  LBC x 50 and Freddie x 15.


-New Year’s convergence at Fletcher Park.  For some reason, Denali is the Q despite the fact he’s never actually been to Fletcher Park.

-Only two workouts on Friday, one of which is Flood Zone with a 6am start.  Can’t remember where the other workout is and what time is starts.  I do recall that Wolf Run is NOT happening on Friday.

-Plenty to be thankful this time of year, and lots of folks struggling with loss and health.  Take a minute today to offer thanks for your blessings.

-Great start to F3 Uncles.  T-Claps to Tony Robbins and Orwell for stepping up and making an impact.

-Honor to lead, as always.