A little post Christmas Rundown to knock the holiday rust off. The ground wasn’t covered in snow, but we covered some ground.

34 PAX posted for a Late Night / Flood Zone convergence beatdown…

Warm Up:

SSH x 20

Good Mornings x 15

Windmill x 15

Mtn Climber x 25

Merking x 20


– Partner up:

Plank hand clap x 25, Merkins x 20. Plank hand clap x 25, straight arm squat x 20 across from partner.

– Partner 1 – 5 curb touch suicide, Partner 2 – low plank hold, FLAPJACK; repeato until team count is 30

– Partner 1 – 5 curb touch suicide, Partner 2 – six inches hold, FLAPJACK; repeato until team count is 30

– 5x merkin partner tag run to Fallon Park

-Divide into three groups; Group 1 at one end of the block; Group 2 at the other; Group 3 running between to tag out the other group. At each interval: AMRAP Burpees, in cadence: LBC x 30, Ski Ab x 30, Box Cutter x 30, American Hammer x 30

– Sprint run towards Lourdes with stops along the way for exercises: plank hold (right/left arm high), merkins x 15, LBCs x 20 in cadence, low slow flutter x 20 in cadence

– Sprint home for the finish


-Ski Abs in cadence x 30; low plank hold on a 20 count by Encroachment

Naked Moleskin:

– Orwell prayer request for sergeant who is struggling. Get in touch with Orwell if you want to send an encouraging message.

– Special workout schedule next week due to New Years. Check the website or Twitter.

-shoutout to Mr. Furley for knocking out his inaugural Q

-Thought for the day: “Preparation allows you to react” , while true preparation can only be born in Discipline. THANKFUL for F3.

– Honey Do took us out in prayer