A-Team enjoyed two straight weeks of heavy precipitation which helps to separate the men from the boys. If working hard isn’t your thing, I wouldn’t come to A-Team. #negativesell If you prefer the comfort of a gym or better yet your bed, don’t come to A-Team. #negativesell I don’t want to call out people but @greasemonkey and @mccants waived the weather flag this morning. Thankfully, eleven hearty soles wouldn’t let weather deter them from starting their week of right. Let’s see what they did:


SSH, GM, Merkins, IW, Mummy Kicks, Star Jumps


Partner-up – Group one runs the circle and does a burpee at the top of the circle, Group two does exercises in the shelter.
Repeat until you work up to seven burpees.

Shelter Crawl

Group one bear crawls to shelter and back doing one burpee in the shelter while group two does exercises. Switch.
Repeat with seven burpees after the bear crawl. #weaktheme #sevens

Shelter Work

Dips x 15, LR Step up x20, Irkin x15 – Times 2.


LBC, Six inch leg holds around the circle (10 counts each person).


– Naked Moleskin-

Weather was actually fine this morning as it was properly described as a light rain by Weather.com. #cantore

A-Team is rolling as it gets a sold crew even with miserable weather. The commitment is strong! Not from the D1 football Q but when the weather gets better he’ll be there. They never play football in bad weather so I see his point.

75 percent wasn’t there this morning. I do miss our resident mascot but my leg feels less violated this morning due to his absence. #humper

Wonk was at A-Team ready to roll this morning. He was leading a group around the circle. Strong work.

Burt didn’t spill his merlot but he was less vocal than normal. #notreally


New Years Day Convergence – Fletcher Park – 7:00. I’ve got the conch and I promise to do better than this morning. #lowbar

Good to see everyone this morning. It was an honor to trudge around the rain with each of you.