It’s always an honor to lead the men of F3! 5 PAX braved a strong headwind for an early morning beat down. The forecast said 40 degrees, but the wind had other ideas. YHC was definitely under dressed, but the sweat fest was about to begin.


Quick lap around the community center

SSH x25

Imperial Walkers x 20

Sir Fazio Arm Circle x 15


4 Corners

Sprint/Fast Run around the 4 corners of the parking lot and stop where you started, then…

Burpees x25

4 Corners

Squat Jumps x25

4 Corners

Merkins x25

4 Corners

Lunges x25

One more time…

4 Corners

Burpees x15

4 Corners

Squat Jumps x15

4 Corners

Merkins x15

4 Corners

Lunges x15

4 Corners – Part 2

1 PAX bear crawls around the cones (10 yards each side = 40 yards) completing all 4 corners while the rest of the PAX completed various Ab shredding exercises.

PAX must complete all 4 corners bear crawling…forward, lateral right, backward and lateral left.

Too many Ab exercises to list (or remember)

2 Circuits of this through each PAX


Prayers for Deadbolt’s wife’s grandmother during this hard period in her life. Also, praying for the rest of our brother’s to heal up, along with Yosef’s wife. We prayed to be men of strength and impact in this world.


THE CHOICE – Thank you men for making the choice to come out and be a part of F3Nation! Raising children is a journey that myself and many of the men of F3 are blessed to play a role in. The mind boggling (and stressful) question is, which values do you hope to pass down to your children and how do you accomplish that task. One foundational goal as a father is to instill the knowledge that you always have a ‘choice’. It’s easy to say, ‘that makes me angry’ or ‘you make me so happy’. No one person, event or circumstance makes us feel anything…it is our choice to feel/react to any situation in our life. You can be angry, happy or sad, but that is up to you. Nothing has power over us except the Lord our God! Make a choice today and every day to have a strong foundation to stand on and get out of the waves of your ‘feelings’.

I don’t know where that came from, but it was what I was feeling today. “Yet those who wait for the LORD will gain new strength; They will mount up with wings like eagles. They will run and not get tired. They will walk and not become weary.” Isaiah 40:31 NASB