After a hard storm the night before.  A few brave and likely crazy men joined the Magnificent Seven for a pullen beat down.

Warm up:  Job around parking deck into the park.  Bear crawl up the stairs and then lunge walk 25 yards then backward run to the pavilion.  At the railing we did some cadence lateral planks which I call “Walk the balls”

Back down to the courtyard with more lunges and bear crawl down the stairs.

Cadence exercises SSH*15, Switch Kicks *15, R and L lunge pulses *15 each side, reverse plank for 10 count and then alternating reverse plank to merkin back to plank (Waffle Maker) for 5 count.

3 groups performed a circuit.

Group  1) 10 pullups, 10 planks and 10 burpees repeat until next group

Group 2) Rice bag stair climb *2 then 10 L and R step ups, and 10 squats.. repeat

Group 3) At the Gazebo 10 pullups, 10 ring merkins and 10 LBC’s

In the grass near the concessions, superman line with alternating burpess down the line.

WW2 situps *15

WW2/V situps *15


As always I ran out of time to do all I wanted to do.