Thanks to an always effective Maize persuasion, YHC signed on to Q his first 90 minute Whiplash session on 8/6/16.  With BRR looming, this extended serves as a perfect opportunity to get miles in with F3 brethren.  14 PAX converged at the bottom lot of NCMA, did a few warmup exercises, and got to it.

Mosey into the corporate parking lot adjacent to the NCMA campus and over to Lake Boone (RexWoods).  Get in groups of 4 for Indian Run to the top of Horton Street @ Martin Middle.

Top of Horton, plankorama > mountain climbers > monkey humpers…. Group fast paced run down to bottom of hill where greenway crosses.

Back into 4 man groups and Indian Run up Copperhead and across Beltline bridge.  Stop at other side for squat holds > skiabs > prisoner squats… Group fast paced run down to bottom of hill

At this point, we picked up Freebird who didn’t get the 6am memo… way go out and find the PAX Freebird!

Bottom of hill = plankorama > plank jack > something else

Back into 4 man groups and Indian Run up paved greenway to the “T” intersection… quick water break.  Sprint to rock pile

Partner up… P1 AMRAP curls X20, press x20, row x20….P2 run up to Dojo, 10 box jump burpees and back… completed 2 rotations.

Around this time we lost Yo Yo, Vila, and Old Maid…. not sure what happened there…

Mosey up to windmill… partner chase down gravel path to bridge in woods… 5 diamond merkins when caught… 20 jump squats each at bridge.

Back at windmill, ab exercises, and then a couple sets of up downs (w/ quick feet)

Fellowship run over to amphitheater — box jump up amphitheater 5 times.  Bear crawl up the grass to top.

Mary at the “Porsche courtyard”

All in all, 5.5 miles covered with plenty of boot camp mixed

Announcements — BRR 😛   9/11 stairclimb

Prayers for Denali’s friend’s baby with kidney disease… prayers for treatment and healing!

Prayers for Peacock’s friend who recently lost father

Prayers for Leandro’s friend’s father who just passed away after a very short/quick battle with cancer.

Be grateful and thank God for good health!


Always a pleasure to lead!