60 degrees at kick off on a January morning.  Nice.  14 veterans and 1 FNG showed for some exercise.  Flag planted, disclaimer given (welcome Buzzfeed), and let’s roll….

Warm-Up: Good Mornings — SSH — Fazio Circles — Imperial Walkers — maybe something else, don’t remember


Count off 1s and 2s and form two Indian Run lines:

-Indian run directly out of the parking lot across Edwards Mill to Carriage Dr.  New terrain!

-Stop at bottom of the hill for 10 Burpees OYO

-Backwards run to top of Carriage Dr. and plank at the top where we did: Merkins — Plank — Dying Cockroaches — Plank — Mountain Climbers

-Get back into Indian Run lines and complete the run back up the “backside” of Glen Eden up to Edwards Mill.  This hill really sucks.

-Cross Edwards Mill (5 Burpees OYO) for some light pole intervals (alternate Bear Crawl and Lunge Walks between light poles).  Dutch Boy pointed out how far the light poles are from each other and how the Q might not have totally thought this one through.  He was exactly right!  So at 2nd light pole, audible to All You Got down to the trail entrance.  5 Burpees OYO, more Dying Cockroaches and some Freddie Murcuries.

-Mosey up trail to parking lot for a set of 7s.  WWIIs and Burpees.

-Quick Feet x 20 — Irkins x 15 — Quick Feet x 20 — Dirkins X 10


American Hammers — Dying Cockroaches — 6″ Leg Holds — LBCs — Have a Nice Day — FINISHED


Announcements — Mule on March 4.  6am from Pullen Park.  Sign up info is on twitter and on website — SIGN UP TO Q! The Q sheet at Dawn Patrol and other sites can use Pax to step up and lead.  Do it.  You’ll love it.

Prayer — Vortex’s friend dealing with a heart surgery.  Prayers for smooth operation and smoother recovery.

Mayhem took us out.  Thanks brother.