I’ve been waiting anxiously for the opportunity to Q at the Forge and tie it to my alma mater – NC State. I always enjoy whenever we go onto campus and either run by Carmichael, Tally and even spend some time going up and down the parking decks. But I’ve never been to a workout where we took a tour of campus. I was going to change that. 

If you’re not familiar with NC State or their football program, the Strength and Condition Coach, Dantonio Burnette, otherwise known as “Coach Thunder”, is a pretty intense dude. A former captain of the football team second all-time in tackles with 476, he has been able to transform Wolfpack football players into “freak” athletes before their career into the NFL. One of my favorite quotes from Coach Thunder is “the legs feed the wolf”. 

The Warmup: 

SSH x 20 Imperial Walkers: x 20 Good Morning: x 10

The Thang: 
Wolf Plaza

4 Corners/Ladder

Starting with 10 sumo jump squats at the first corner, the PAX run to each corner and add 10 sumo jump squats at each corner until they reach 60. Once they complete 60, they continue but subtract 10 at each corner until they complete 10. Squat hold when complete. 25 LBC’s & 25 Dying Cockroaches.

The Brickyard: 
In the free expression tunnel, PAX line up for People’s Chair – each PAX complete’s a 10 count until all PAX are complete. 
Find a spot on the wall: (where Harrelson Hall used to be). Sets of  10 & 15 of left-right step-ups, quick feet, & dips

Run back to home base: 15 LBC’s & Have a Nice Day

COT: Strong messages shared related to racial equity and being the HIM needed to initiate and participate in conversations.