First time Qing at General Assembly. I’ve always been excited about the options a Q might have when you’re downtown, but ever since I started posting there, I thought running back and forth down Fayetteville Street would be neat. Well, I don’t know if the other PAX would say the same, and honestly, it was a lot harder in person than it looked on paper.

Also, now that I’ll be writing backblasts, I need to be better prepared with names and themes. Totally caught off guard on this one. And getting the names correctly would also be helpful.


20x SSH , 20x Imperial Walkers, 10x Good Mornings

The Thang

Start on the far side of Fayetteville Street (across Morgan).

The PAX perform a Rack and Stack down Fayetteville Street, meaning, each intersection they come to, they perform the exercises associated with the road as well as the previous road. After completing the exercises, they run back to the starting point, and then run to the next stop. Each exercise is performed 20x.

Rack and Stack Down Fayetteville

Morgan (Merikans)
Hargett (Hillbilly Squats)
Martin (Monkey Humpers)
Davie (Dying Cockroach)
Cabarrus (Carolina Dry Docks)

The PAX remain at Morgan Street once they return from Cabarrus. (This is only after I decided to change from going back down Fayetteville. A few PAX made their way back and got about 25% of the way down.)

After the 6 comes in, all PAX meet in the open area in front of the Capitol Building. All PAX perform Jack Webb with Freddie Mercuries (4 count) and 4 LBC’s. Starting with 1 4-count Freddie Mercury and 4 LBC’s, we may our way up to 10 4-count Freddie Mercuries and 40 LBC’s. At one point, Hot Tub Time Machine asked whether I was having fun. I was enjoying it, but apparently the PAX were not.

Tough workout for sure but great work by all PAX who posted.

4 for Coffeeteria at Starbucks in Cameron Village. (Coco Crisp, Yoda, My Pleasure, Screentime/Lil’ Kim)