Strong performance by the PAX at Urban Jungle this morning. Lassiter is no joke. Great work brothers.

The Thang (approximately):

Warmup – SSH x 25, Windmills x 20, Imperial Walkers x 20

Run 1 mile down the hill with the following mixed in along the way: walking lunges across 440 bridge, derkins x 25, burpees x 15, buttkickers, bear across Crabtree bridge, high plank hold

Pick a rock at Lassiter Park: derkins x 15, squats x 15, diamond derkins x 15, single leg squats x 15, wide grip derkins x 15, side to side jumps, derkins x 10, prisoner squats x 10, diamond derkins x 10, single leg squats x 10, wide grip derkins x 10

Run 1 mile back up the hill with the following mixed in along the way: high plank hold, low plank hold, squats, putin, sarkozy, walking lunges across 440 bridge

Merry (abbreviated): 30 LBC’s


Please continue to pray for Dufresne and his family. T-claps to the brothers who are working to rebuild his strength.

Mule is this Saturday. Don’t miss it.