Two lonely souls stood in the gloom waiting for company, but none came.  And so they ventured out to make their hump day downPAINment.  It looked something like this.


Run around the tennis courts and continue the warm up with Side Straddle Hops x 25, Windmills x 20, Mountain Climbes x 20, and Good Mornings x 15.

Mosey to the lower field for a combo Bear/Gorilla/Lunge walk around the bases.  Finish each round with a something special (Merkins x 15, Carolina Dry Docks x 15, Diamond Merkins x 5 (Bret Michaels insisted on doing 15 diamonds)).

Shuffle back up the hill to the tennis courts for People’s Chair x 60 and Ball to the Wall x 25.  Jog the courts to loosen the legs.

Head down to the retaining wall for Dips x 15 and Alternating Left/Right Step Ups x 15

We found some grass for a short Plank O Rama with High Plank x 25, Chillcut x 20, Walking Plank x 10 each way, and TD Curls x 15 each side.

We had just enough time to do a little Mary with American Hammers x 25, Rosa-Dollys x 20, World War 2 sit ups x 20, and 6” leg hold x 30.


We are happy to report, the women who walk through the park while we are there, are now saying, “Good Morning” rather than fleeing in terror.

The Mule is this Saturday at 6:00am Pullen Park.