17 PAX started St. Patricks day off right.¬† Here’s what they did:

Quick warm-up at the upper parking lot.
Good Morning x 10
Imperial Walker x 10
Mountain Climber x 10

Partner up and head down past the amphitheater hang a right on the path and head to the bridge by the lake.

The Thang:

Partners run around the lake in opposite directions, meet back at starting point and perform:
merkins x 10
prisoner squats x 10
american hammer x 10 (l + r = 1)

Switch directions and run around lake x 2, and perform same exercises x 20
Switch directions and run around lake x 3, and perform same exercises x 30

Continue increasing til 6:10 and head back to parking lot

Most teams got into the 5th round before time ran out, with a couple finishing the 5 laps.



Arena every Friday, run at 2 @ Pullen, or meet at Healing Transitions at 230 / Whiplash back to 60 minutes / Week 2 of Fayetteville Saturday Epoxy leading the caravan

Prayer requests for injured pax SBD and others and those left unspoken

-RM out