Great weather and a record 13 pax came out to this weeks Ethanol. The advertised route had caused some twitter chatter about the advertised 10K guarantee. Didn’t stop the regulars and even a few new faces from coming out including Deliverance who finally delivered a now 3 week old commitment.

The Route was:
North on Glenwood
Left on Duraleigh, into the abyss
Left on Edwards Mill back to crabtree

By far the simplest route of the 4… right? proved to be too much for some though.

– Shaggy continues to leave with the 5:26 crowd, and adds another first place trophy to his case #sandbagger
– Seems that Duraleigh was overlooked when Raleigh was passing out streetlights. For a brief moment during that stretch, YHC was running on some backroads 30 miles south of Watuga county praying that a blinking blue light would appear around the corner. But we soon enough awoke to the streetlights of Raleigh and continued on our way.
– Back to the route, Denali and Pygmy took off as a pair at 5:30 but somehow failed to navigate the 1st of 2 turns. The air traffic controller on duty a RDU was kind enough to point them back the way they came

Fun times at Ethanol. Back to Route 1 next week.