Shovel flag planted  firmly  for PAX of 12 in this week’s edition of The Judge. Awesome weather, perhaps the last of 50 plus temps to post in 2014. The NC Museum of Art has a wonderful property to explore, but we didn’t take advantage of that today.

The Thang:

Quick warm-up at top of amphitheater: Good Mornings x 20, Merkins x 15, Imperial Walkers x 10, Moutnain Climbers x 15

Partner up: Size, speed and intelligence do not matter

Partner 1 runs all of the steps and back to the top…tag Partner 2 who repeats.

Partner 2 performs max reps & keeps count. Partner 1 picks up where they left off, team will complete the following:

200 LBCs

160 Spider-Man Merkins

120 Knee-ups

80 Peter Chilcutts

40 Burpees

Team goal was 2 times through, time was called at 6:12.

Modified Mary: Plank Jacks x 20, Decliners x 15, Chilcutt Hold 10 count around the circle

COT with Tongue in Groove leading the prayer

Naked Moleskin:

-Welcome Crabcakes to the Raleigh gloom from the Palmetto State. Great to see Huxtable back also (note start time of 5:30 in the future though). Also nice to see King David post as well.

-Metamorphosis moves to Monday next week, The Arena is next Friday at 2:30…November 21st.

New 3rd F starting on Monday at lunch, see Les Nessman & Friar Tuck for details. Ethanol moves to Crabtree Valley Mall @ 5:30am starting next Wednesday. Thanksgiving workout is 7am at Laurel Hills park, home to one of the “other” Thursday options. Turkey Trotters see Swirly and Tony Robbins.

-Several pairs made it twice through the rotation, well done. The partner format with rep counts to track lead to a quiet bunch, 2nd F was a casualty in the workout. #nobabel #unintendedconsequence

-MacGruber is the Q at Whiplash this weekend, might want to have your earmuffs handy…for the cold of course. Unofficial Myrtle Meter registered a 0 (-10 points for 5:30 start).