Who knew you could do Sir Fazio Arm Circles with a rock in each hand?  Ma Bell knew and there will be 14 pairs of sore shoulders tomorrow!  Throw in The Beast, and Ibuprofen sales are up in Cary!  Wonk and Banjo fartsacked, so they remain soft and flabby

The Thang:

Left the church on time, even as stragglers were pulling in.  Sorry, Ma Bell don’t play.  Ma Bell quit school because of recess.  Anyway, we headed over to the bank for some warm-ups which, aside from several penalty burpees because of the latecomers, looked like this: Good Mornings (x15), Windmills (x15), Imperial Walkers (x15), Incline Merkins (x15), Squat-Box Jumps (x15)

Then we began the arm workout from he[ck]. Everyone grabbed 2 medium size rocks.  Those who ignored Ma Bell’s instructions paid the price.  With a rock in each hand, we did 4 sets of the following: rock curls (x10), squat presses (x10), rock merkins (x10), and sir rockio arm circles (x10).  With arms a danglin’, we put the rocks away and ran about 1/4 mile to the belly of the beast.

The beast – 6 moves/exercises at 6 stops, 6 times each.  666 – the Beast. Full disclosure, I got this from the Thin Blue Line.  The beast was ugly

  1. Sprint to each of the 6 stops, do 6 merkins at each
  2. Skip to each of the 6 stops, do 6 tuck jumps at each
  3. Lunge walk to each of the 6 stops, do 6 squats at each
  4. Bear crawl to each of the 6 stops, do 6 Carolina Drydocks at each
  5. Karaoke to each of the 6 stops, do 6 star jumps
  6. Backwards run to each of the 6 stops, do 6 plank jacks

After a round of Mary and a Merkin Pyramid, we jogged 1/4 mile back to the church for some COT.  Several prayers offered.  Bert announced a Thanksgiving Day touch football game at Weatherstone Elementary.  Tailgating and the game starts at 0930.

See y’alls next week!