The weather report called for 50s and sunny, so we followed suit.

Warm-up: Imperial Walkers x20, Good Morning x15, Mountain Climbers x20, Merkins x20, SSH x50.

The Thang:

  • Jog to The Buttocks for Prisoner Squats x50
  • Run to the intersection of the Blue Trail for LBCs x50
  • Run down to the lowest wood bridge for Hand Release Merkins x50
  • Run up to the pedestrian bridge over 440 for Burpees x10 at each end of the bridge, 5 sets of burpees.
  • Indian run down to the dirt trail and back up to the Dojo for Dips x50, Incline Merkins x50, and Box Jumps x50
  • Run to the amphitheater for bear crawls up and down each stair case.
  • Run back to the hanger porch for a round of Russian Hammers x10 count each Pax.