Dipped into the archive for this one and added some new twists.  Should be a delightful time. Come put in some work @ NCMA!

No partnering on this one so test yourself.

Warm up run with PAX  down the Greenway and turn right onto the blue loop @ old train station depot. Turn left @ water fountain to stay on the blue loop heading back towards NCMA and COP for Warm-up.

The Thang:

@ Top of Hill @ water fountain 10X Burpees

@ Bottom of Hill before the CORNCOB, grab a rock (on your left or right)

15X Squat Press

15X Bent Rows

15X Diamond Rock Merkins

Drop your rock and run to the DOJO.

15X Derkins

15X Box Jumps

15X Dips

Exit the Dojo to right and turn right on path, wrapping around past the Kite, and left back down the hill past the CORNCOB and up to water fountain to where you started.

Repeato with 10X Burpees, back down hill and so on and so forth for entire circuit.

@ 6:08ish head back to front parking lot for Mary.

How many circuits do you have in you?

Let’s get after it!  See you @ the museum.