After a great debut last week, Cary’s latest post Shaken, Not Stirred was back at Bond Park this morning with 10 PAX, including one FNG. Started with a run up to the Community Center parking lot for warm-up: Side Straddle Hop (15), Good Morning (15), Imperial Walker (15), Mountain Climbers (15 with an added quick plank for Callahan), Windmills (15) and Sir Fazio Arm Circles (20).

Jog to the other end of the parking lot and the nice, soft grassy median (with only a little mud in the bottom) for a quick Crawl-O-Rama. Crossed the median with Bear Crawls, Crawl Bears, Spiderman Crawl, Duck Walk, Inch-Worm Merkins, and Crab Walk. Ended with Tunnel of Love.

From the same spot, partnered up for a round of 1-2-3 Dora (Done in 2 halves in case time became an issue). Partners combined for 100 Merkins, 200 LBCs, and 300 Squats. One partner exercised while the other partner ran a lap around the parking lot.

Jogged back to the Senior Center to close out with Mary. Reverse LBC (20), V-up Roll Up (15), Weezy Jefferson (15), Homer-to-Marge (15), Freddy Mercury (15).

Ended with COT.

Prayer concerns for Callahan’s professional journey and Banjo’s nephew who has his first Q in New Orleans this week.