A newly minted shovel flag was planted for the PAX of 14 at Fred Fletcher Park as we headed off campus for a change of scenery. The calls for no concrete were dismissed, the plan was already set so we ventured out to scout a new sunrise spot for the future.

The Thang:

Run down Glenwood to Peace Street: SSH x 15, Mountain Climbers x 15, Imperial Walkers x 15, Merkins x 15

Run down to Hillsborough Street : Squat Jumps x 20 Flutters x 30, Plank Jacks x 15, Wide Arm Merkins x 15

Run to Boylan Bridge: Dips x 15, Irkins x 15, Derkins x 15, Dips x 20, Irkins x 20, Derkins x 20

Run up St Marys to Peace Street : 4 Minutes of Burpees, LBCs x 35 + something else

Run to space near House of Cats : Diamond Merkins x 10, Right Arm Stagger x 10, Left Arm Stagger x 10, Chulcutt Hold x 15, Peter Chilcutt x 15, Decliners x 15

Run to bottom field along fence

Esau’s Ladder: Run width of field and up hill, 1 merkin. Back down to the fence, 2 merkins. We did this for 6 minutes

COT with strong Prayer by Au Pair

“Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer.” – Proverbs

Naked Moleskin:

-T-claps to Mr Hand for crafting a sweet Ball Bearings Shovel Flag, we have found our Raider in the ITB I believe. Aye!

-Nice seeing Pepe (now on Twitter) and Blind Side becoming regulars in the gloom. Keep it up!

-Great to see Minne back in the gloom with the PAX. T-claps to Velvet for smoking the marathon in March. The PAX thought we heard a “shout out” due to our presence at the first stop, apparently their gripe was unrelated.

-Au Pair provided (unsolicited) commentary from Boylan Bridge, he should moonlight as a tour guide or drive a Trolley Bar. Soak that image in White Shoe and Chong Li, soak it in. Views this morning were excellent, definite repeat trip will happen when dawn starts to break at 6am.

-Prayers for Hushpuppy’s Father, Floppy Disk’s daughter, MMoney Hose (Money Hose too of course) as she awaits the arrival of baby #3 & those unspoken.

-April 18th : Convergance at Chavis, 7am (no Whiplash, Catalyst & Pullen). Sign up for Flag Football at Athens High.

-April 25th : F3Dads at Fletcher Park, gather at 9:15.