We met on a nice early spring day for some fun in the gloom. Nothing special about this workout – low aerobic with lots of rock work.

That Thang: run up to the first soccer field for warmup – SSH X 20; Imperial walker X 20; Mountian climber X 20; Merkin X 40; Good morning X15.

Run to bottom of dam; partner up with similar strength (we didn’t have an M or 2.0 to work with Chong so Zima took one for the team – thanks Zima). Pick a reasonable rock – no Orwells or Wilsons were allowed – head up hill to greenway.

The circuit: partner 1 – Peter Parker merkins X 20; Monkey Humper X 20; LBC X 20 – repeat until partner returns. Partner 2 – rock overhead down greenway towards soccer field; carry rock down greenway hill – rock squat press X 20; back to bottom of the hill – 30 rock curls; take the hill with your rock. Flapjack with partner.

We only made it through 3 rounds each. Took much longer than I anticipated but was good strength conditioning.

Jog over to soccer field – circle up – LBC X 25; partner 1 sprint to hill – bear crawl up and down hill and sprint back. Partner 2 does chillcut Peter Parker until they return. Flapjack. Round 2 – same thing with dying cockroach.

COT: sign up for flag football. Link is in the website. We need 40 guys. Go ruck is October 17th – signup now. BBR taLk to YoYo – info secession next week. Look at website and Twitter for more info.

Prayers for all those hurting – physical and emotional.

Honor to lead as always.