Its a new year….try something new….push yourself further than you normally would…try The Judge!

Quick parking lot warm-up.

Jog to top of stairs going into the amphitheater – partner up (3 will work if we have an odd number)

Partner 1 – goes to the left to the metal stairs along side the building and does the following: bear crawl down the stairs; run to stage – 20 jump-up; 30 dips; 20 (each leg) single leg squat on bench seat or stage; 20 Peter/Parker merkins (left leg and right leg = 1) – repeat until partner 2 returns

Partner 2 – goes to the right following the greenway trail around perimeter of amphitheater to the wooden bridge before you get to the pond – at bridge – 20 derkins – run back to amphitheater and switch with Partner 1 – picking up the set (described above) wherever Partner 1 stopped.

Repeat until 6:10ish..