Although I am very familiar with the location, I thought Tuesday night was a nice enough night to get out to stretch my legs so I cased the joint anyway to see what I could make work for the Q on Wednesday. It’s refreshing to suspiciously walk around, back and forth, around parked cars on various levels of the deck while making a note or two, etc as opposed to, say, lurking around Elementary schools/playground AOs on a sunny afternoon.

27-ish degrees to start Day 3 of my 50th Bday #5Day5Qs victory lap.
16 of Midtown’s mightiest joined in.

SSH x20 IC
Good Morning x20 IC
Mountain Climber x20 IC

The Thang
50-second Intervals (50 seconds ‘on’/AMRAP and then 10 seconds recover/move to next station). Having 16 men and 8 stations in the circuit worked out nicely to have 2 per for a shotgun start.
-Station 1: Overhead Clap Merkin (lifted from a Gboro BB. Akin to hand-release merkin: down, hands raised off ground, forward to clap, return etc)
-Station 2: Underhand 90 degree I-Beam hang
-Station 3: Alternating L/R Lunge
-Station 4: Toe-to-Beam (hang on beam, bring feet up to touch beam)
-Station 5: FWD/BKWD Bearcrawl Paint the Line
-Station 6: Burpee
-Station 7: Balls to the Wall
-Station 8: Backward Run perimeter of parking level back toward Station 1

Meet at stairs near Penneys
50s (sets add up to 50):
Widegrip Merkin (x40) then climb stairs to top level and perform MonkeyHumpers (x10) Repeat with 30/20, 20/30, and 10/40)

REPEAT above 8-station interval/AMRAP circuit

Then meet at JCP stairs again
Ski Abs (x40) then climb stairs to top level and perform Star Jumps (x10) Repeat with 30/20, 20/30, and 10/40)

Homer-to-Marge x50 IC

And done! Great work by all.

Whiplash 6:30 NCMA
Arena this Friday. 2:30pm