The layout’s simple…Let’s go get it…

Light jog to a short warm up at the Train Depo…take off on the Greenway on the long loop to the right, till we get to the Bottom Bridge at the foot of the HILL, of the Beltline Bridge.

Here’s the Thang:

@ Bottom Bridge – gasser to the top.

@ Beltline bridge: Pullups x 5 on fence, Prisoner squats – hands to the sky x 10, Star Jumps x 15.

On the decent to the bottom bridge – stopping 3 times for Merkins x 10 each stop

@ Bottom Bridge – Freddy Mercuries x 50 single count – Concludes Round 1.

Repeato: Gasser back up….The goal is 4 rounds, but not restricted, of course.

@ 0600 We start ringing the bell to get all PAX to the bottom bridge. Low Slow Flutter’s in caidence until all in. Line up Indian Run.

@ 0602 We have 8 minutes as a team in an Indian Run to make it back to the Train Depo – pace will be determined as a team, to make the time.

@ 0610 Circle up for a burn out Mary, then COT.