It was a warm, muggy morning at Lourdes yesterday and 21 PAX were greeted by the Mr. Furley One Mile sprint. It’s named after Furley after he initiated it a few weeks back and then Panty Hose measured it and found it’s more like 1.3 miles. Anyway it was time to run, run, run.

Warm Up of SSH x 20, Good mornings x 20, and wind mills x 20. 


Sprint as fast as you can for the Furley Mile. Up the hill on Anderson to Cooleemee and back down. When you get to the surface lot across from the Lourdes deck, repeat the cycle of 25 merkens and 50 lbcs until everyone got back. We threw in 10 burpees while waiting for the last few. 

Once everyone got back we partnered up. Partner 1 ran up the driveway that leads to the upper parking lot. At the first landing – 5 burpees, up the ramp to the 2nd landing – 5 burpees, and then through the lot and back around to relieve partner 2 who was doing max rep dying cock roaches. SWITCH. Plank work when everyone was back and then ran that cycle again but with starjumps at the landings and ski abs in place of the dying cockroaches. More plank work afterwards with 10 aquaman’s at the end.

Ran to the end of the surface lot. Partner 1 bear crawled to the other end and sprinted back while Partner 2 max repped monkey humpers. SWITCH. Then Partner 1 gorrilla’d to the other end and sprinted back while Partner two max repped burpees. SWITCH. 

Once everyone was back, ran up the steps to the covered parking lot. Partner 1 sprinted down and back while Partner 2 did balls to the wall. Switch. Then circled up for mary of 100 pretzle crunches, 5 degree, 45 degree and 90 degree potractor and then a 5 count 6 inch leg hold around the circle. 

Thanks to Vector Victor for taking us out and prayers for Peach Pits dad who was in surgery and for one of Vector Victor’s former teammate. And, welcome FNG’s VC and Barf.