Tomorrow, we’re doing to inaugural workout at The Judge. I’ll bring the box of tissues. We’ve come so far over the past three+ years.

See you tomorrow.



Pre-Blast: The Dojo


Run down the greenway from the front parking lot toward the blue loop.

Take a right on the blue loop and run the loop until you get to the huge croquet wickets (about 3/4 of a mile).

Partner A – Continue down the path next to the huge croquet wickets until you arrive at the sail kite. Do 10 burpees there and continue on the path around to the house in the park to meet your partner at the bridge to the dojo.

Partner B- While Partner A is running around the loop, run into the Dojo House and do 25 dips, 25 jump-ups, 25 derkins, and 25 LBCs. When finished, head back out to the end of the dojo.

Switch – Partner B runs (does burpees) and Partner A heads into the Dojo.

Must high five after each interval to proceed to the next. No cheating.

You should try to get around at least five times. 125 dips, 125 derkins, 125 jump-ups, 125 LBCs and 50 burpees.

I’ll call it 6:08. We’ll run the blue loop back the way we came to the parking lot (about 3/4 of a mile).

See you at 5:30 at the NC Art Museum! Come break THE JUDGE in.