An Impromptu Q for me this morning, as I orginally came to just expereince the awesomeness that is The Trudge. After Yogi suggested I Q, we got to work with a short jog from HTHQ to the gas pump. Progression Sprints got the blood flowing before circling up to stretch. Then we partnered up and conducted a partner workout of Merkins, Air Squats, WWIIs, Burpees. After 10 rounds of work we hit the long hill for sprints. After sprints we made our way back to HTHQ for Mary and COT.

COT: Prayers for the men of Healing Transitions, for strength to endure the hardship of addiction. Prayers for those that have left the program, may they have success in their lives, and if they dont may they know the way back.

Announcements: The Odyssey in Cary is coming up.