Well, the hills are alive in Western NC this weekend so we aren’t putting down a ton of miles tomorrow. #taper

Three-Man Weave

Join up with three of your buddies.

Run the blue loop but head off toward the amphitheater. Partner 1 goes to the mosh pit of the amphitheater while partner 2 goes to the parking lot with the fancy cars. #ITB Partners 1 and 2 do the exercise the Q shouts out while partner 3 runs from partner 1 to partner 2. When partner 3 arrives at partner 2, partner 2 runs toward the other partner. Back and forth. Back and forth. We’ll switch exercises every few laps.

We’re getting the body lose for the weekend and keeping the miles down.

I’ll call it at 6:10. We’ll run back to the parking lot for a few minutes of Mary.

Get to The Judge in the morning. 5:30 NCMA.

Stay thirsty.