19 PAX arrived in the front parking lot of the North Carolina Museum of Art ready for another rendition of The Judge.  No FNGs, but many newbies to this site so YHC quickly summarized the format. Everyone pick a partner and we’re off.

Warm Up:

20X SSH, 15X Imperial Walker, 15X Windmill

The Thang:

Follow me for a swift jog through the outdoor art exhibits down the Greenway, right at the ol’ train station depot to stay on the Blue Loop and left at the water fountain remaining on Blue Loop to the bottom of the hill.  This is where our circle of pain begins.

Look to your left and right -grab a rock.

15X Squat Press

15X Bent Over Rows

15X Diamond Rock Merkins

Hit the hill AYG past the Corncob and enter the Dojo (Chairs in Trees on your left).  High number of PAX not anticipated by YHC so space was limited, but spread out after the first loop thanks to the speedsters. #inandout

15X Derkins (choose green railing for real man derkins)

15X Box Jumps (choose higher storage box for real man box jumps)

15X Dips

Exit the Dojo to your right towards the port-a-johns, loop around past the Kite, and back down the hill to your starting point.

Repeat this loop as many times as you can.

At 6:05, staggered groups head up towards front parking lot via Giant Rings (Whirly Gig on your left).  YHC quick loop back to bottom of hill to gently place rocks back in their home and asked PAX to start Mary.

Set of Mary consisted of LSF, LBC, Merican Hammers, and the required Boat/Canoe.

We came, we saw, we conquered.  Nice work, gentlemen.


Glad to see the highest number out at NCMA to date and hope you all enjoyed it.  Keep coming!  The possibilities for workouts at this location are just beginning and are endless so see what happens next week!

There were some fast folks out there who completed at least 4 loops.  Everyone else got in at least 3.  #tclaps

YHC’s idea was to highlight the outdoor art exhibition @NCMA, but failed to take lighting into account because it was dark for most of the workout.  Oh well, silhouettes will have to do until the time change.  It’s likely the PAX  may have been to winded to appreciate the beauty surrounding them.

Still room for Mud Run -see Gnard Dog; The Mule sign up is live; 9/11 Stair Climb -more info. forthcoming

Prayer requests for Cujo’s mom, Hushpuppy and family, and others

Au Pair led us out with strong words.