WHERE:  NC Museum of Art

WHEN:  5:30 A.M.


Partner up and run down Greenway to the Blue Loop

Turn left onto Blue Loop and take short route through Rings of Fire down to the Dojo

At Dojo, Partner 1 gorilla walks the boardwalk into the Dojo, does derkins x 10 and dips x 10 then exits the Dojo (gorilla optional) while Partner 2 does People’s Chair on outside of Dojo – flapjack

Partners leave Dojo and run back up Blue Loop through Rings of Fire and back to the parking lot

At parking lot, partners do standard Jack Webbs from 1 to 5

Partners then continue on to the amphitheater and run down amphitheater steps to stage (any set of stairs in amphitheater is fine)

Do alternating jumping lunges x 10 (5 each leg) at stage then stair-barrow back up amphitheater stairs, switching at midpoint

Run the trail down past the pond and back to the Dojo

Repeat the above for as many loops as possible until 6:08-ish, then reconvene back at parking lot for some Mary