A rather mild October moring where 10 PAX eagerly gathered to see what the infamous MacGruber had in store….mumblechatter quick ensued upon the arrival of Epoxy and Mr. Rogers…are they really brother in-laws or just uncomfortably close closet dwellers – you decide. We also had a quest appearance from Shaggy…..evidentally he ran out of Scooby snacks and was banished from TrueGrit for the day. Off we go…

Warm-up in courtyard area:

SSH X 20

Merkins in cadence X 20

Imperial walker X 20

Good morning X 15

Merkins in cadence X 10


That thang:

Over to the stage: jump-up X 20; dips in cadence X 20

Up the steps to the left of pond: Irkins in cadence X 20; left/right step-up in cadence X 20; Derkins in cadence X10

Jog over to bridge: bear crawl over both bridges, plank at end and wait for PAX

Jog over to steps by the carousel – this was confusing for Mr. Rogers as his natural progression was to mosey around the toy horses waiting for an innocent and unsuspecting child….once we got him corralled, everyone picked a partner – luckliy the forces of nature met and we had an even number of PAX. Size always matters…..(sorry Epoxy but Mr. Rogers is lying to you….) Carry your partner, swtiching as necessary up steps, up hill, over to the half pipe – plank until PAX is caught up.

Hill at half pipe: 11’s – 10 burpees at the top 1 squat at the bottom; 9 burpees, 2 squats, etc. Plank when you’re done.

Jog to top of hill; find your partner again (Epoxy was not with Mr. Rogers so there was some broken heart syndrome) – partner carry back down hill and steps to carousel (throw objects at Mr. Rogers to keep his attention away from the toy horses).

MAN-UP – last exerciese so don’t be a “Chong Li” – RUN two laps around the pond.

MARY – circle up in stone paver center circle – LBC X 25; Chilcut – 10 count around the circle

COT – prayers for Wonk wife – due any day; prayers for Picante’s mother and mother-in-law. Sign-up for the MULE.  Honor leading you men this morning! Thanks for the opportunity.