The wicked storm that hit the night before knocked out YHC’s internet… I literally had finished drafting the pre-blast here and was about ready to post for all readers when the storm took down the “mainframe”… tried tweeting stuff out but that seemed ineffective.  After the tempest, it was actually a pretty nice morning.  Only 5 of us decided to take the Red Pill pre- July 4 weekend… we were better for it….

Warm up in parking lot,

SSH X 20

GM X 10

Hindu Merkin X10



Swiftly made our way to the edge/corner of the pond and partner up (similar speed)
THE FIGURE 8 — 3 stations (“bottom”, middle, “top”) … partners will begin with exercise at Bottom, then run in opposite directions around the pond… meet in “Middle”, exercise, continue in opposite directions around Dojo/Rings… meet at “Top”, exercise…rinse repeat until time is called

“Bottom” = 20 Mountain Climbers (in cadence count) / 20 Cockroach

“Middle” = 20 Partner Clap Merkins / 20 Freddie Mercury (single count)

“Top” = 20 Jump Squats / 20 Chillcutt Peter Parkers (single count)

This was tough, and we got through 3 full rotations.


Indian Run to bottom of Amphitheater

Box Jumps up 3 times

Bear crawl up the grass



WWIIs X 20

Ski Abs x 10 (cadence)

LBCs x 20 (cadence)


10 Burpees OYO