There was a rare Double Elvis sighting at the pre-run. YHC wasn’t there to witness it, but as the QIC I’ll take credit for it. A brush, or dare I say wipe, with greatness in its most, uh, natural form. Bashful to admit it & yet beaming with pride, the responsible parties accepted congratulatory words & the comic relief was soon…disposed of. All vets in the crowd, no disclaimer, & away we went.


Jog to the AO entrance sign & an abrupt u-turn back into the parking lot.

GM > IW > WM > MC > SSH > Merkins

Mosey down the paved trail & dogleg left to the baseball field. In honor (or memory) of our beloved Magoobs, partner up for an unfortunate case of PMS. Excercises here will be P-risoner Squats, M-erkins, & S-tar Jumps.

Partner 1 runs past 1st base to shallow outfield for 5 Prisoner Squats, to right field fence for 5 Merkins, back to 1st base for 5 Star Jumps, & returns to home plate. Partner 2 performs People’s Chair. (flapjack)

Partner 1 runs past 3rd base to shallow outfield for 10 Prisoner Squats, to left field fence for 10 Merkins, back to 3rd base for 10 Star Jumps, & returns to home plate. Partner 2 performs People’s Chair. (flapjack)

All perform Balls To The Wall for a 25-count.

Exit baseball field. Proceed down paved trail past the soccer field & thru the woods to arrive at the base of Glen Eden Drive.

Flutter kicks > Box Cutters > Freddie Mercs > 6-inch leg hold

Plank-o-rama interlude

Gather the PAX & take in the glorious uphill view of Glen Eden Drive. Turn around & jog back up paved trail thru the woods past the soccer field. Stop at the bathroom shanty to await the six & bask in the glory of this Double Elvis day.

Continue on the jog to the basketball courts.

Bear crawl court #1 > Sprint court #2 > Bear crawl back across court #2 > Sprint back across court #1

Bear crawl court #1 & circle up.


WW2’s > American Hammers



Words spoken are now a week old. My bad. See F3 website & listen up at COT. YHC led us out in prayer.

Thank you PAX for the freedom to lead. I am inspired by you all. And by the Double Elvis.

-Rogers out